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OEM Software: Truck Software

Your requirement

Goods and freight need to get to their destination safely and on time. To ensure this, the first thing that truck drivers need is specific and meaningful information about the route which is to be travelled. Secondly, they require special devices which are appropriate for the physical conditions inside the driver's cab in a truck.

Our performance

Standard products which are available in the market often do not correspond to the minimum requirements that are demanded. The truck product from United Navigation is designed in an optimum way to cater for the demands of truck drivers: 

  • Sufficiently large display
  • Suitable map material for use in heavy goods vehicles
  • Truck parameters correspond to the latest vehicle
  • Possibility to connect up to telematic systems

United Navigation has been working together successfully for many years with the strongest partners in its segment in order to meet the high requirements in the sector. In doing this, we bring together the know-how from different sectors and from this we develop customised products for our customers.

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