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Telematic Integration - The perfect symbiosis.

What is Telematic Integration?

Telematic Integration is an interface which allows your telematic systems to be connected easily to the mobile navigation devices from Falk.

Via the touch screen of the navigation system, the driver manages the telematic application and thus transfers all relevant information directly to the dispatcher in the back office.

Your advantage from using Telematic Integration:

An optimised communication between the driver and dispatcher.
Examples of how we achieve this include:

  • Automatic use of destinations. Depending on what you require, the fastest, shortest or cleverest route is calculated.
  • The possibility to send text messages via the navigation device.
  • Automatic confirmation when you reach the specified destination.

Further highlights of Telematic Integration

  • Flexible and fast connection to existing telematic system
  • RS232 interface activated via mini-USB port
  • Communication via point-to-point message queue
  • Windows CE 6.0 based

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