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PND integration - the clever connection

Our portable navigation systems from Falk are also suitable for integration within vehicles. We offer automakers the option to create an intelligent, cost-effective and always up-to-date connection between the mobile navigation device and the vehicle.

The integration levels:

  1. Simple integration by means of console
  2. Full integration with CAN-bus connection.

In the case of the CAN-bus connection, a communication box filters the signals which are relevant for the navigation device out of the CAN bus. Via the USB 2.0 interface which is fitted as standard in all Falk devices, all relevant navigation data is output directly via the vehicle's head unit. As well as pure navigation data such as turn-off instructions or the lane assistant and also general driving instructions, graphic information is also transported. The USB 2.0 interface ensures optimised communication and data display and makes it possible to integrate the portable device invisibly within the vehicle.

Overview of the advantages of integration in a vehicle:

  • Integration of an industry standard product in the vehicle
  • Lower development and maintenance costs for the navigation device
  • Update to the map material via home PC
  • USB 2.0 interface for secure and fast data transfer

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